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Do you know the health benefits of dancing? Read on



Do you know the health benefits of dancing? Read on


Dancing is a healthy physical activity with many physical and psychological benefits. Dancing is good for both mind and body. Dancing is for every age and ability to stay fit of all sizes and shapes. It becomes important factor for prevention and for the treatment and management in several health circumstances. It can benefit both physical and mental health.


  1. It increases the muscular strength
  2. It increases the aerobic fitness
  3. It improves condition of lungs
  4. It endurance an motor fitness
  5. It improves condition of heart
  6. It improves muscle tone
  7. It helps in weight management
  8. It helps in building stronger bones
  9. It reduces risk of osteoporosis
  10. It betters the social skills
  11. It helps in increasing the self-confidence
  12. It helps in increasing self-esteem
  13. It improves psychological wellbeing
  14. It improves mental functioning
  15. It helps increasing physical confidence
  16. It improves general wellbeing
  17. It helps in having better coordination
  18. It improves balance and spatial awareness
  19. It helps in having better agility and flexibility
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